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Message from NIARN Chapter President and Board Members

Posted 13 days ago by David Miller

Hello from your NIARN Chapter President and Board,

At the local level, NIARN is postponing our spring conference and will share dates and details as we determine when we will be able to hold it.

The national-level ARN and its management team continue to look for opportunities to support our rehabilitation communities through the Covid-19 emergency. We are all working a bit different and probably a lot more as a result.

To alleviate some of the stress, ARN has adjusted deadlines and waived late fees.

  • The fellowship application deadline is now July 1.
  • Annual Conference Abstract deadline is now until May 1.
  • CRRN renewal fee: CRRN's with a June 30 expiration date must apply for renewal by March 31 or pay a late fee. The RNCB board has approved waiving the late fee.
  • Nominating and Leadership Development Committee and Governance Task Force have moved their meetings from March until April. This was decided as some of the volunteers are experiencing increase challenges at their facilities and need to be present to meet the needs of the increasing patient load.

Hoping this passes before our ARN REACH 2020 Annual Education Conference

October 21-24, 2020

San Antonio, TX

Thank you and be safe, 

David Miller

NIARN Chapter President


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